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Why would you buy a memoir from a complete stranger? What is in it for you? I guess if it was me, I would want the person to be interesting. I would want there to be the right mix of drama and magic. I would want the characters to be interesting. I would want it to transform me.

Now what if that book was about death? And what if you either had a big fear of death or perhaps you wanted to find out if this afterlife thing had any reality to it. What if you had an open mind and wanted to be nudged into believing in life after death?

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If these are the things you look for in a book, then my memoirs are for you. But before we go any further, I want you to watch this video to find out if you find me interesting.

Here is what a reader has written about my book:

Courageous, ground-breaking, heartrending and heartwarming; in her new book, My Father Who Art In Heaven, author and spiritual lawyer Ange de Lumiere persuades the reader to think again about our whole, hitherto limited, attitude to life and death. Bravely, generously, and with huge compassion and more than a little humour, she shares the deeply personal journey of accompanying her adored Father in his last weeks of life, ultimately helping him to make the transition into death with peace, dignity and certainty for the future. Through the story of her privileged but troubled Parisian childhood, her endeavours to steer smoothly through a complicated early adulthood riddled with expectations, abuse, and disappointments, and ultimately, her flight to England, we witness the development of an extraordinary psychic power, and are shown how that can truly be used for the cause of peace and communication with those whom we may believe we have lost forever. Stunning descriptions of everyday Paris, coupled with, at times, searingly painful human interactions, convince us that in the end, we can return to the fold and see so much more, and so much more clearly. This book is not a death valediction…rather, an invitation to discover that life really does go on. Required reading.

Harriet Rowland, author, poet and journalist

This book is for you if…

  • you love Paris and anything French
  • you would like to believe in a better world and that you can make a difference in this world
  • you believe that there is more to life than work, eat, sleep and then we die
  • you believe that we create our own reality and we have a choice as to how we interpret the world
  • you would like to be inspired into living a magical life no matter what happens to you
  • you want to believe in angels and a benevolent world but are not quite sure if it’s real, yet
  • you have some loved ones in heaven and want to learn how to communicate with them (spoiler alert: everyone can do it)

My motto is “I have a magic wand and I am not afraid to use it”. Life can be magic right now, exactly where you are. You don’t need to have lost weight, met Mr or Miss Right, have the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect friends to have a magical life.

It starts with how YOU look at things. If I can transform the death of my father into a magical adventure, then pretty much anything can be transformed into something positive. I believe that 80% of human suffering is self inflicted through unhelpful beliefs. “He doesn’t love me.” “I can never seem to do anything right.” Stop! This is not true. Change your beliefs and your life will change accordingly. It is down to you.

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Together we can change the world.

Have a blessed day

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2017