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Short bio: Ange de Lumiere is a spiritual lawyer and an inspirational author who has written two books, the Journey of the Slim Soul, a holistic guide to slimming without dieting and My Father Who Art In Heaven, her memoirs about the last few weeks of her father’s life and beyond. You can find out more about her at or on her Facebook page FB/theAngedeLumiere

Medium bio: Ange de Lumiere is a spiritual lawyer and an inspirational author. Her latest book, a memoir called My Father Who Art In Heaven, tells the story of her bravely facing the impending death of her father and the fantastic journey that followed his death as the conversation between them continued. Her book is intended to start a revolution in death and how we approach dying. She has a small VIP female clientele of leaders and creatives and lives in the South West of England, although a native of Paris.

I love talking on the radio and have been interviewed many times over the years. Apparently my voice is radio friendly and my French accent charming. If you would like to have me on your show, feel free to call me at 44 (0) 7914606729.

I have just been interviewed on Carrie Cardoso‘s podcast Breaking Through Walls. You can listen to the episode here or on iTunes.

I was interviewed twice on Aesha Kennedy‘s Podcast The Brilliant Misfits.

Episode 40 (22nd Feb 2017) sees us discussing the creative process and how I discovered that I was a natural channeler.

Episode 20 (2nd Nov 2016) sees us discussing what a spiritual lawyer is and how I became one: