Mothers (in Heaven) Day

You probably know by now that my father is in heaven. And you rightly assume, as I have never mentioned her being dead, that my mother is alive. And you are right. Although, as you know for me death is all relative. My father is still very much alive even if most of the time I am too deaf clairaudiently to hear him. And that’s ok. I probably don’t need the distraction given how full on my life is.

But what you don’t know, unless you have read my book, is that I have a mother in heaven too. And may I ask, if you haven’t bought my book, why? What is your excuse? Or you couldn’t find the buy now button: well here it is. He he he.

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Getting back to my story. I have a mother in heaven. In the book, I call her Mariane (most of the names in my memoir have been changed to protect privacy). She used to work for my father since before I was born. Officially, she was helping with his private practice, answering the phone, managing client appointments but she was also involved in our private life. She cooked, cleaned, washed, ironed and hugged like a queen.

Mariane is the reason why I am sane. She gave me the love that I so craved and was denied on so many levels although officially we were a perfect family. She was warm, cuddly and she adored me. What was there not to love about her? Hey? She died six months after Dad died. And I love the idea that I now have a mother and father in heaven. She came through a medium a few months after her death when I was feeling bereft. I couldn’t feel her and wanted to much to connect with her.

So with Mothering Sunday coming up in the UK on the 26th of March, I want to honour her. Mariane could not have children and it was her biggest wound because she simply adored them. When she started working at my Dad’s, she took us under her wing and mothering us divinely. So this is why I want to honour her on Sunday as well as all the Mothers in heaven but also the Mother Figures in Heaven. I did wonder, when I moved to the UK, why it was called Mothering Sunday and not Mother’s Day as it was back in France where I come from. But now, I love it. Let’s honour all the Mother Figures in our world. And for me, I want to honour our Mother Figures in Heaven.

So on Sunday, I invite you to join my group: My Father Who Art In Heaven and honour a mother figure in your life that is now in heaven. Post a photo, maybe write a poem, or a blog and share with us so we can all honour her. Note: I am sorry this offer to join the group is not offered to men. Our group is exclusively female. It’s got to do with empowering women… but that’s another subject.

Now here is another question that has been bothering me for a while. Why is Father’s Day not Fathering Sunday? We should honour all the father figures in our lives that have inspired us and taken us under their wings. Right?


(c) Ange de Lumiere 2017

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Monday is the third anniversary of my father’s death

This coming Monday, 6th March 2017, is the third anniversary of my father’s death and I miss him. I miss him on two counts. The little me wants to hear his voice, look into his warm brown eyes, see his contagious smile and hear his Dad jokes. She is sad. So sad. At the same time, she knows she was lucky that her dad lived so long, so she appreciates what she had. The spiritual me knows that my dad is with me most of the time, but she is frustrated that the communication is still so patchy, so subtle that it goes unnoticed. Sure, she knows that if she saw and heard her Dad every day, it would distract her from the task at hand, but she still wishes he could be seen and heard when she calls him.

On Monday, I am launching the ebook of my memoir in honour of the anniversary of my father’s death and for that reason, I am going to start the day in a very special way. I have booked a mediumship reading for myself at the precise time of his death. 6:30 am. I am hoping it will energise me because this book launch has been a real drag. I feel I have been repeating myself constantly. I fear I am boring people to tears. I have to twist my arm to keep going, but then I know that most authors do when they are in book launch mode.

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In the past week, I have been recording a series of small videos that talk about aspects of my life that I believe will throw an interesting light on my memoirs. For some reason, this morning, at my local coffee shop, I pulled out some notes I made during a mediumship reading in January 2011. My notes talked about me writing an ebook. They talked about me being interviewed on many different podcasts. She also said the spirit world wanted me to make more videos. I had only just made my first video about my book about holistic slimming. I remember the medium apologising for making predictions. She swore she never did this. She was a medium. Not a psychic. I remember that at the time, I didn’t have an iPad so what she said seemed exotic and a little far off. Oh my God, how much has changed in six years.

Psychics and mediums have really enhanced my life. They have given me hope when I was losing hope. They have confirmed my path when I thought I was only daydreaming. They have given me the courage to walk away from difficult situations. I owe them so much. But I need to say: never in a million years, did I anticipate becoming one myself. Mind you, I never thought I would become an author either. My forte in school was science.  I was crass at French.

All I can say today is never say never. Life is full of surprises. Look at me. Lawyer turned author and psychic, living abroad and home schooling kids. My life is a series of plot twists.


(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017

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Do our loves ones in heaven want to be left in peace?

There was a fascinating discussion about this recently in a Facebook group I belong to. A woman was told that contacting her loved ones in heaven was as wrong and that they should be left in peace. Is that true? My own mother told me off for disturbing the peace of my grand mother a few years after she died. Again, was my mother right?  

Now here is my take on it. Absolutely  not. It is as ludicrous as saying your mother on earth (assuming she is alive) would not want to you to call her. Why would your mother (or best friend) not want you to call her as often as possible? She love you. Ever since you left home, she has been missing you. Your mother, if she has her heart in the right place, cannot get enough of you. 

If you have a good relationship with your mother, and she is now in the spirit world, of course she wants you to get in touch. In fact, it is likely that she is with you most of the time. As your guardian angel is. The spirit world is only just a thought away from us. It is enough for us to wish to hear from them and they will be here like a shot. No, they do not  rest in heaven. This is a myth. My experience is that my father is with us most of the time. Whenever I do something that he used to love doing on earth, he tags along to get to enjoy it again vicariously. In the beginning however, I was not aware of him. And the reason was that I didn’t expect him to be. Also, they can be in more than one place at the same time. My father was at this funeral and with me thousands miles away from it, at the same time. 

Now let’s suppose you had a difficult relationship with your mother. She is now different than she was when she was your earth mother. Not substantially different in essence but she is wiser and more loving. She no longer has the human blindfolds that are placed on us the moment we are born.  She’s no longer damaged by trauma or brainwashed by dogma. My own father who was a die hard Catholic when he was on earth, had a huge awakening. In fact, I was told that he was disorientated and even angry when he realised how much he had  been lied to by the Church. He had resisted everything I stood for, once I trained as a healer and a clairvoyant. And of course, he would. These things are considered evil by the Church. 

So your relatives and even the people who hurt you want to make peace with you once they are in heaven. And it is important for you too. When they die, they do a life review where they are shown the consequence of their acts and everything they said or didn’t say. It’s not a punishment. It’s a learning experience. Maybe that’s what some religions refer to as the judgment. Except it is done with love. There is no judgment in heaven. Only love. So if your mother  hurt you or abused you, she will feel awful about it when she dies. She won’t be able to justify herself any more. She will be shown the bigger perspective. And she will want to put things right. Of course, it is up to you to allow her to make amends. It is up to you to forgive. For years, I was angry at my mother for her lack of courage at taking responsibility for who she was and what she did. She always had a good reason. She never apologised for anything. But I know that after she dies, she will be a very different person. 

I have already forgiven her. And I did so for me, not her. I could see that she was damaged b y life. She has big attachment issues with her mother. And her mother with her mother. She was caught in a pattern. She never had the courage to say: this will stop with me. I did. But I did it for selfish reasons because carrying all that hurt and bitterness was hurting me. And ultimately, it would hurt my children. But this is the subject of another post. 

If you are unsure about whether there is a life after death, I urge you to read books by mediums. I love anything by Sylvia Browne and Betty Shine. There are many more. Next, book a session with a reputable medium. When I did so, my life was changed. For the better. All the women’s tales about heaven were blasted for good. How refreshing it was. I felt lighter and happier. Besides they are usually a lot of fun. Because our loved ones in heaven keep their sense of humour. In fact, even Angels love laughing. Nothing is a serious as we make it to be. 

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(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017

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It’s not all up to me

What interesting times. My crowdfunding campaign is done, with the disappointing results that happened. I have had the book edited by a copy editor. I designed the book cover for the paperback and ordered the copies I needed to honour my commitment to my supporters (awesome people). Now what?

I admit I was floating a little. After the intensity of the crowdfunding campaign, I was wondering what I am supposed to do. So, I took some time out. I work intuitively. I do have a plan but then the Universe changes everything, because the Universe has a much broader view than I do. And that’s ok because I am flexible. I like to think of myself as Mrs Incredible. I mean we have a lot in common. She is incredible. I am incredible. Who else manages to write, self publish and run a crowdfunding campaign on half an hour per day? Most authors have hours to fiddle with and waste it on social media. I don’t have that luxury so I need to be super focused. She has three kids and is a mum at home. I have four kids: two near adults with autism (and highly complex needs)  and I home educate my younger two plus run a house. I am a little padded in places. She has awesome broad hips… She has a secret identity and… I have a secret identity.

I know this book was ordered by Heaven so it’s not all up to me. And if I am honest, this can be super annoying at times because, I have no control. And I like to be in control. This is the way I was raised. You had a plan. You had a career. You worked hard. And then things worked according to plan. Not with me. I went as far as the “worked hard” and then everything went out the window. That’s when when I was robbed of my identity of corporate lawyer and embraced my career as spiritual lawyer. That’s where I relinquished my power to the Universe so the Universe took over. It took me down the garden path of self publishing my first non fiction book, the Journey of the slim Soul when I had no interest in writing a book about slimming. And frankly I couldn’t not see anything spiritual in slimming or helping others slim.

Fast forward seven and a half years and I am back on the scene, after baby number four who was also ordered by heaven. If I had not had her, I would probably be further down my author’s career but the Universe had other plans. See what I mean? So I have had to learn to read signs. I have had to follow my intuition. I have had to build faith. And frankly, that’s the hardest thing I have been asked to do. Yet, I need to say, it is worth it. And I want to say, if you find yourself in a similar place to mine, don’t give up. The Universe may seem like it is tossing you up in the air like a bit of salad, then it might seem like it is breaking your toys, but believe me, it knows what it is doing.

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I am on the brink of something. I can feel it. But it’s not all down to me.


(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017

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What are angels and do they care?

It all started with a seemingly innocent post by a friend on Facebook. She posted a video of George Michael singing Somebody to Love. I listened and suddenly felt the blanket of love that those of you who have read my book know about. Oh what a divine feeling. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that George Michael had come to hug me. But why?

In my memoirs I talk about all the singers in heaven that we have lost in 2016  and how they seem to pop in, when they die, to say hello to me, when I listen to their songs. When the first one came to hug me, I wondered: why? I am nothing special. I mean, I am a homeschooling mum. Whilst they were alive, they would have probably walked straight past me. We were part of two different worlds. Them, in their stardom, me in my mundane yet wonderful life. But as more and more came to visit, I realised that in the spirit you world there are no celebrities; only souls.

And I was shown that George Michael, David Bowie and Prince, to name a few, had earned their wings. They came to our planet to change it. They did an amazing job of it. They chose art, which frankly is no path for the weak, to express themselves and make a difference. Through their work, they expanded our consciousness and opened our hearts. They combatted prejudice. They gave hope. They made people feel loved and understood. And this… My friends, earned them their wings. You don’t need to be perfect to earn wings. That’s only for saints and martyrs. And frankly, they are creepy. No, to earn your wings you only need to be brave. You only need to make a difference in the life of one person. Well, they did much better than that, often to the cost of their own comfort.

I love how wonderful stories came out after the death of these amazing three controversial singers. Wow.

This brings me to my next point. There are Angels that have been humans. And there are human Angels but that is for another blog. Now… Singers that have earned their wings will come to you to help you if you are a musician for example. They can help you. They want to help you. If you allow them to do this, they will guide you. Work with them. Welcome them. There care about music because music is a vehicle for love.

In a similar way, there are Angels of finance. Ex bankers in heaven who have earned their wings whilst they were on earth. I can think of some. People who use money to make a difference and bring on progress. Yes, they are out there in heaven, waiting for someone they can help. Is it going to be you? They can only help if you ask them.

There are Angels of law, Angels of business, Angels of cars… Yes. And they all care. And they can all help. You don’t need to know their name. Just ask. “Angels of cars, can you please help me have a fabulous car that I can rely on and drive around safely in.” That’s it. Job done. Now wait and see what happens. You will be amazed.

I would love for you to try and then comment below to share stories of what happened for you.


(C) Ange de Lummiere 2017

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The book cover is ready

Hello everyone,

I have been quiet. I was in revision mode. My manuscript is now completed and I have designed the book cover for the ebook version of my memoirs. Here it is. I am so excited.


I would love your feedback on it.

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Also, I have set a date for my book launch: the 31st January 2017. Why don’t you hop over to my Facebook page and sign up for the event? I will be doing a two Facebook lives and answer any questions you have… or just have a nice chat.

Have a great day.

I am traveling to Cornwall for the week end. Where are you heading?


(c) Ange de Lumiere 2017

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What is truth and is there only one truth?

This is a question that has been with me for years. Nearly thirty years actually. I touched upon it briefly in my disclaimer here on this blog. As an author of memoirs, this is an important question.

The moment we are born into a body, we get influenced by our surroundings, but very few of us are aware of our filters. Being born a female for example, still offers a very different experience than being born a male. Since becoming a parent and thus being thrown into the playground, there is not a day when I don’t see parents influencing their kids’ gender stereotype. I tried to keep it as neutral as possible for my kids but the mere fact they have rubbed shoulders with other kids in school has made sure my efforts were counteracted very quickly. It also happened with the fathers of my children. When their toddler sons got too near my earrings and make up, they were discouraged from exploring their options, as if their maleness were threatened by their interest. The bias is strong. Even last night, as we went into the fabric shop with both my son and my daughter, the shop attendant asked if my daughter had started sewing, not my son. 

So what is truth? What is reality? It is very hard to collect facts when our emotions are concerned. Our senses are affected by how we feel but also what we think. What we think is the truth might not be the truth after all. And is that really the point? Are facts the only thing that matter? If we are scientists in a lab, hell yes. If we are police officers investigating a crime scene, another hell yes. But if we are human beings loving our lives, why can’t we have our truth? And why can’t our truth be respected? Arguments usually revolve around two or more people disagreeing over something.  

Last time I visited my family, I was really surprised at the version of “facts” that my brother gave about the circumstances under which our hamster pet died when we were kids. I had a clear memory that “we” as a family had forgotten the hamster in the garage of our week ended cottage in Normandy whereas my brother was convinced he was responsible. Luckily, my sister was able to confirm my version of facts but what if she hadn’t? I suppose we need to try to make sense of what happens to us but we also need to be aware of how our brain rearranges facts to fit our beliefs. It’s in the nature of the hippocampus to sort out memories and clump them into clusters. 

Getting back to my memoirs, most if it I know happened as I retraced it, especially the parts that happened in 2013, but as far as the long term past is concerned, I am aware that my mother and my siblings may have very different ideas of what happened than mine. Even within a family circle parents do not treat their children the same way. It has to do with the fact that siblings are usually very different. They come with their own personality. And parents evolve. They grow and learn. That’s why younger siblings are susually treated more leniently than older ones, much to the dismay of the first borns. 

Still, I stick by my truth. My memoirs are a genuine account of what happened to me. They are my truth. They are the result of fifty years of existence in Ange’s world. I hope you enjoy reading them when they come out in January 2017. 


(C) Ange de Lumiere 2016


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