About Ange

I was born in Paris in 1965, the daughter of a doctor and a nurse.

I started off my career as a corporate lawyer travelling the world. Then I got married and had a son. My son turned my life upside down. He was high functioning autistic and taught me things about life a spiritual master would not have managed to teach me. He kick started my career as a mum by having fainting spells when he was only one. Then I had a daughter who also turned out to be autistic in the high functioning spectrum. She also told me things no master could have taught me. As a toddler she would blow kisses to everyone on the street and make everyone’s day. Sadly, my marriage broke down and I moved countries with my two kids when then were six and two.

Fast forward fifteen years and I no longer work as a corporate lawyer. I am a full time home educating mum with two primary school unschooled children. Motherhood has been my fast track to my spiritual path. I have never been on a retreat. I did however, train in various healing modalities that have broadened my horizons. But my true call is to share my wisdom throug writing. The wisdom I learnt through life experiences that have accelerated my growth.

I am a story teller. I have many stories inside me. Some true. Some fictional. And I can’t wait for them to fly into the world and changes lives. The intent for my writing is to inspire and uplift. I hope I will live to see that happen.

With love,


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