Happy anniversary to me

Some of you who have read my book know that my husband and I had plans to get married the year that my father died. It had been a long time coming too. We had known each other for well over ten years. My husband kept on waiting for the “perfect time”. I have to smile at this in retrospect because when the perfect time came, we had to cancel because my father was dying. 

I understand why my husband wanted to wait to be sure, even though it drove me crazy. For nearly ten years, he would say “You know I am going to marry you one day” and it never seemed to happen. He had every reason to be cautious. After all, we had both been married before and had gone through painful divorces. Still. 

We could have got married long before. And if we had, my father would have been able to be with us. 

Hang on a minute. This is not true. My father was with us. And this is the message I want to share with you today. Everything I wrote above this paragraph might sound so true it can become seductive but the truth of the matter is our loved ones in heaven are ALWAYS with us. He was with us in ways he could not have been before he died. Because once people go back to the creator, they can be everywhere and even in multiple places at once. And before my father died, he had very set ideas of what was right and wrong and we were actually alienated. The love remained but we lived on different planets. He had been brain washed by the Catholic Church. I had always been a free spirit and carved my own spirituality outside of any existing framework, simply because most religious and even spiritual proposal were tainted by human thinking. I preferred to go directly to source. 

I realised last week that the purpose of my book is to create a space of untainted spirituality for women. And this is also why I created my Facebook group for women. Women get a really bad deal in most religions so I wanted to create a space for them where they can be honoured. If you would like to join my group, feel free to ask. Here is the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1128906173786906/

I look forward to seeing you there.

To your spirituality,

(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017

About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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