The blanket of love

In my book, I talk a lot about the blanket of love. It started for the first time in January 2014, whilst my father was still alive. I was driving to my local supermarket to do a groceries shop when I felt something wrapping itself around me. A presence. I didn’t know what it was. Maybe my guardian angel. But what did it want? When I asked my best friend that night, she said it was my Dad. Then she went on saying he wanted to reach out to me to tell me to come and visit really soon as there was not much time. 

I was baffled. How could my father hug me energetically when he lived thousands of miles away? He didn’t believe in that woo woo stuff. He was a medical doctor. Catholic too. This was witchcraft. 

Well not really, we travel a lot in our sleep. Astral travel. And my Dad loved sleeping. He usually had a nap every day.  He used to tell me about his dreams. They involved flying a lot. So that day, he was probably having his nap. He popped out of his body and came to talk to me. His soul, that is. His personality had no clue. I find this fascinating. Don’t you?

Well at the end of May, my Mum came to visit and I felt the blanket of love again. My mum is quite anxious in airports. She is over eighty years old after all. She feels unsafe in places where lots of people come and go. Plus she gets upset easily. She has a bit of a temper too. Knowing all that, I though the new increased security measures would aggravate her. Having to take her shoes off is not easy at the best of times. But she feels she is treated like a criminal and it irks her. She believes that at her age, she should be treated with more respect. All this to say, I was a little nervous about  her going through security on her trip back to Paris. So I asked the Angels for help. As I do. And here is what happened. 

The girl at the check in offered to book her for fast track security, for free. I thanked her profusely. My Mum didn’t. She is not very good at this gratitude thing. I also thanked the Angels in my mind. My Mum does not believe in angels. Then we made our way to the customs. The fast track security was empty so she didn’t have to queue. A guy that stood next to the entrance to the futuristic looking area, explained the procedure. I translated for my mum. Slowly. Then I explained that my mum didn’t speak English very well. The girl who ran the belt that takes items for scanning explained things again for my mum. Things had to be separated throughly. Shoes. Coats. Bags. Mum stayed clam. The girl did a thumbs up whilst looking at me. But she went much further than that. She made sure Mum felt safe all the way through. I felt so grateful.  Something in Mum’s suitcase triggered security. Oh dear. On the outbound journey, the staff had confiscated the cod liver tins that she had bought for me. She was aggravated. Plus she suffers from high blood pressure so she had a spike. I took a deep breath and whispered to myself “come on Mum you can do this”. Everything was cleared. Her suitcase was closed. The girl did another thumbs up as Mum walked towards the gates. We made it. Phew. And she hadn’t made a snipe remark to the security staff. I started breathing again. I thanked the guy at the entrance and made my way back to the car. 

What happened next caught me entirely by surprise. I felt the blanket of love. Dad was giving me the biggest hug to thank me for looking after Mum so well. And it felt divine. I hadn’t done all this for Mum so that I could get a hug from heaven. I had not felt the blanket of love for so long that it came as a complete surprise. And what a delightful surprise it was.It made me smile from ear to ear. Dad!

I basked in that feeling for the rest of the day and felt so grateful. I had connected with Dad. 

Have you felt the blanket of love that your loved ones in heaven wrap you in when they want you to feel their love? Would you like to share in the comments? 

To your loved ones in heaven,

(C) Ange de LUmiere 2017

About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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