You need to clean your camera lens

How many times have I heard that when I take photos of orbs? It is boring. Honestly. People will discard things they do not understand. They will rationalise the unexplained to make it fit into their own reality.

In 2011, as I made my first video to promote a training course I was selling with the help of two friends, something unusual happened. I was terrified. Not by what happened but by having to speak in front of a camera. One of my friends had done my hair. The other one had brought her brand new birthday gift: a digital camera. I love how my friends are always there to support me.

We started shooting and frankly, I wanted to crawl under the carpet. Then a few seconds into the video, my friend interrupted. Something was happening. What was it? I frankly thought she had noticed a stain on my tee shirt. I had had the hardest time looking decent since having kids. They always seem to use my clothes as depository for bits of food and drink. And even I had started spilling things onto me.

Nothing prepared me for what I saw. And I am not going to make you wait any longer. Here is the video.


This blew me away. After that, I started researching into orbs and found out that what makes orbs appear on film is not the person being filmed but the person who takes the photo. Suddenly I became envious of my friend who shot this film. Not in a horrible way. I just wanted to be able to take those beautiful photos.

Well it happened in March 2014, a few days after the death of my father. I went into the church where his funeral was going to take place and asked the angels to be there for my family as I wasn’t able to attend the funeral. I walked out of the church and took this photo.


Orbs the day before the funeral

I took another one a second after just to check if my lens wasn’t dirty…


Same camera. Same lens. Two seconds later. You tell me.

What are orbs? Here is my take on them. You have probably heard of auras. An aura is a bubble of energy that surrounds the body of humans and animals when they are alive. well, plants and crystals too, but let’s keep it simple. Once we leave the earth plane the aura stays. It’s an orb. So orbs are spirit people. They can be real people, angels, fairies. Anything alive in the spirit world. But they don’t appear to us as orbs most of the time because it would baffle us. So when we see our loved ones in heaven, they morph their energy into their old images so that we recognise them but their natural shape is the orb.

Sometimes people see them as specks of light. I often see specs of indigo energy.

Have you seen an orb?

Would you like to share your experience in the comments below?

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(c) Ange de Lumiere 2016

About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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