Death as a birth

The ancient riveted oak door creaked when I pushed it open. A birthing assistant rushed to my side, smiling.

‘Welcome Mrs de Lumiere. Take a seat. I will be right back.’

I curled in the comfortable armchair and browsed the photos on the wall. Great spiritual leaders. Not just Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha, but also the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. The room smelled of freshly cut flowers. Out of the window, I could see the rolling hills of Somerset, and sheep grazing. They had a three year waiting list. Only people at the top of their health were admitted, because being ill meant you had unresolved emotional issues. This place was for the brave; people who were ready to admit their shortcomings and change their ways.

It had come as a surprise that they had accepted me, as I still struggled with the occasional migraine. But otherwise, at ninety years old, I was still shipshape. I ran three times a week and did morning yoga every morning before breakfast. I ate home cooked food, and I loved my cheese and wine, although at that point in my life, I didn’t really need food to sustain my energy. I could live on light alone.

The assistant floated back into the room. She placed her small hands above my head and started to feel my crown chakra.

‘You are nine centimeters. Perfect.’

I let out a sigh.

‘I will need to check your other chakras’ she added quickly. ‘Do you mind lying on that massage table?’

I hopped onto the table without any help.

‘Most people don’t realise that to have as smooth a death as possible, the only chakra that should be open is your crown. Otherwise it gets messy.’

It made sense. If you want to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube, you don’t want the tube to have holes on the side when you squeeze it.

‘Are you cold? Would you like a blanket?’

I was feeling a chill. I always felt a chill when the spirit world drew closer, and now I could see the face of my father floating above her, smiling.

She went to get the softest blanket I could imagine and wrapped me in it.

‘All right. Your main chakras are closed. There is still a strong bond to your children and grand children but that is absolutely normal. We will take good care of them and thanks to our new inter-space connection, they will be able to talk to you through their own computers, as soon as we have plugged you into our system. At first, the grief is so strong, people usually need technical assistance. After a while they will be able to hear you without it.’

I felt a sense of relief. Knowing that these dedicated professionals would be there to remind my loved ones that I was not dead gave me a sense of peace. My elder two children had been sucked into the vortex of science, and even though they could hear, see and speak to spirit as children, they now struggled to remember their gift as mature adults.

I was ready. My job on this earth was over.

She pulled the rails up on the sides of the bed and wheeled me into a bedroom with a roaring fire.

I knew that on the other side of the “birth” canal into the spirit world, all my loved ones in heaven would be waiting for me. I was proud of the fact that despite the Catholic conditioning of my childhood, I had broken free from the guilt and the doom. I was so ready to go back and tell all my pals in heaven how I had made a real difference on earth. God and the angels would mark my copy with “exceeded expectations”. I knew that I would be shown a life review that would show how I had impacted others in the smallest ways. This was the challenge: never to lose track of what really mattered; how kind and loving you could be in small and big ways. It took the discipline of a master. Some kept on getting caught into ego and illusion, life after life. They got sucked into fame, greed, influence and bank account bottom lines. We all laughed about it later, when we were reunited in heaven. ‘You fell for the fame thingy, didn’t you?’ You got 5,000 followers on Facebook? And you thought that was what mattered’. The whole spirit world and the angels would roll on the floor laughing. No one was punished.



My dream is that this will be our new approach to death after my book starts the death revolution. Imagine if everyone knew that death was nothing to be afraid of. Who would not want to transition back to heaven when the time came?

Why all this unnecessary fear and pain, when it could be peaceful and beautiful? Most people report that when the dying stop resisting, they die peacefully.

This is the revolution I would like to bring to the death scene.

Death is not a disease. Old age is not a disease. And it is time death and illness be parted as the unsavoury chums that they have become. They don’t belong together.

There are countless stories of miraculous recoveries. I love reading about them, but now is the time to transform death into the magical moment it was always meant to be. We have every possible process to ease the pain for those who feel it when dying. When it is our time, when the body is ready and the soul has completed its mission on earth, then it is our job to help a peaceful transition. This involves us looking into our issues around death; right now so that we can be there for others. The world needs us.

We need to reinvent death.

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(c) Ange de Lumiere 2016

About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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