Countdown – day 19

I used to be very good with deadlines. As an international corporate lawyer, negotiating complex transactions, it was paramount for me to be top of my game. Then, I had babies. They got sick. For the first six years of motherhood, however, I had both my mother and my mother in law at my beck and call. They came over whenever I needed them to look after the children if they were too sick to go to nursery and then school. That was good. It helped me to continue to be the efficient professional that I had always been.

Fast forward fifteen years and I now live in a country with no parents or in-laws. Both my husband’s parents died long before I met him. I have no relatives that can help. And most of my friends live miles away. My elder two children have been diagnosed with high functioning autism and have complex needs. Although one is in University and the other one finishing her A levels, the level of attention and support that they need far exceeds that of mainstream kids. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love them for the beautiful original souls that they are and feel blessed that they chose me to be their mother. It’s just that their father now lives thousands of miles away and although my second husband is supportive, everything comes down to me when they need help. I have a lot on my plate.

I am not having a pity party here. This is my life. I chose it. But in this new context, it would take something extraordinary for me to take on any challenge of the size of the one I am currently tackling. Writing a memoir. Well that part is nearly done. I am in my second solid draft. Launching a crowdfunding campaign. Eek. I have never launched anything. I am not in marketing. Although I have been self employed for years now, more out of necessity due to losing my job, I have actually only been learning about business in the past six months. It’s been a steep learning curve and with the home educating on top of all this, I sometimes wonder if I am not mad.

Why am I doing this to myself? I am taking on this extra work because I have no choice. This is bigger than me. Much bigger. A lot of people wonder what their purpose is. I don’t. I know. I am an author. I have stories to tell. Stories that hopefully will touch the lives of hundreds. With my therapies and readings I can touch lives one by one but it is not enough. I need to step up and reach out to more people.

This book is about starting a revolution about how we approach death and dying and how we look after our loved ones when they go through that process. It is big.

Sometimes I forget that I am not alone doing this and I get scared. But then people walk into my life and offer to help at just the right moment and suddenly all this doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Believe me, at the moment, I don’t need any extra stress in my life. And in those moments where people help me, I am humbled and reminded that I have a team in heaven and they know what they are doing. So instead of panicking that they have asked me to run a seven day challenge on Halloween, as well as launch a separate crowdfunding campaign for a friend in need in addition to this big crowdfunding launch that is already on  my shoulders and that they are now also asking me to promote my intuition course, I relax and let go. I hand over all my worries to God and the angels and rest in the knowledge that they have my back. It’s not always been like that. I haven’t always had that faith. In fact, I often lose faith, but then I get a nudge from heaven, smile and go back to the drawing board.

So I wanted to share this with you today so that you know that I NEED YOUR HELP.

I need you to make this campaign a success. I can’t do it alone. I think I might but I can’t. Every little thing can help. So today I am asking you to invite people into my group:

  • people are interested in the subject of death and dying and who want to change the way we deal with death as a society
  • people who might be facing difficult situations related to life threatening illnesses and who could do with some inspiration (be sensitive about this – chose them carefully and ask them first)
  • people who love to support budding authors,
  • people who love Paris and France
  • people who like everything to do with mediumship, animal communication, healing and who would love to pledge to have this book come into the world.
  • people who have an interest in all these things and want to learn more
  • people who love inspirational stories.

This is my tribe.

INVITE THEM please. The more people I have in my group, the more we can make it a success. I need 250 book preorders for Publisher to allow me to receive the money that I raise. 250. Below is the link to the group where I am holding the launch party. Join the group then invite your friends.

Thank you.

I would love for you to join my launch party group on Facebook. Please click here to join. I will be holding competitions, challenges and generally sharing about the campaign so if you want to be sure not to miss out. Join the party. 


(c) Ange de Lumiere 2016



About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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