My take away from the ten day challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

Now that the ten day blogging challenge is finished – this is day ten and the last day – I am invited to reflect on the entire experience and find the gold in it. So what is my biggest take away from this challenge?

It is only recently that I have joined challenges such as these and every time I have ended richer than when I started. I love the generosity model that underlies them. Some cynics might tell you that people have an ulterior motive but I like to see things in a totally different light. Challenges are a sort of pay it forward game where experts offer tidbits of their know-how to help people who are just starting on their journey with a process broken down in four to five steps. In the case of Natalie, ten. Of course, Natalie also does it to promote her business but one must not forget that a lot of coaches are promoting business by making you feel inadequate or stupid so you look up to them and buy their super expensive coaching package. Natalie sings from a different sheet.

Natalie is part of a new movement of entrepreneurs who base their model on generosity. They want everyone to thrive. They have found their way to their own success and want to help others find their version of success. Can you see the difference? One is an admiration model. The other is an emulation model. The latter is started by entrepreneurs who know every one is unique. Entrepreneurs who don’t want to put themselves above others. The four other mentors who I have written about in my blog post on day 6 also follow that model. They give without expectations of return. But also they give from a place of abundance. What a beautiful thing to do.

So my biggest take away has been to bathe in that receiving mode. I am a serial giver. I have given so much in my life that I came to a point of depletion. At 50 years old, I am now starting almost from nothing with debt and a lot of shame, especially as I used to be so successful and prosper in the first part of my career. So I am in deep gratitude for that new generation of entrepreneur that give generously to those who need the help. My take away is a lesson in receiving. It has been my lesson for years now as I have been unable to hold a “normal” pay job and have had to scrap the barrel and even go on benefits, something I would have never envisaged happening to me when I stated my VERY successful career as an international corporate lawyer.

I am in deep gratitude that I can learn what I need here and there without having to spend too much money. This has enabled me to learn everything I need to have the courage to launch a crowdfunding campaign, which is something that wasn’t even on my radar two months ago. It would have been far too terrifying. The mere idea of a book launch sent me running in the opposite direction. I am traumatised by those empty libraries were I sat alone waiting for people to come to buy a signed copy of my book and NO ONE turned up. But this is the past. And I know better. And more importantly, I have the courage to try again. Having been on my BBC radio didn’t do anything for my book. I just didn’t know why.

It’s taken years of healing to come back on my feet and have the courage to stand up and shine. I am ready now. I am ready to shine my light and shine it as bright as I can.

I would love for you to join my launch party group on Facebook. Please click here to join. I will be holding competitions, challenges and generally sharing about the crowdfunding campaign for my memoirs so if you want to be sure not to miss out. Join the party.


(c) Ange de Lumiere 2016


About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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