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Asking yourself why you do something is always a good question. Why am I writing and crowdfunding my memoirs? We talked about the crowdfunding why yesterday but today I want to talk about the why of the book.

But first what is my why? My why, the thing that fires me up to do what I do day after day, is to bring heaven on earth. Most religious traditions portray heaven as this removed place, usually in the sky, where everything is perfect. Think Garden of Eden. And they then move on to say that Earth, on the other hand, is not heaven. For some, it is even a form of punishment. A place where we come to atone for our sins. Ahem.

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So my job is to bring heaven on earth. It is to bridge the gap between the two. Heaven is only ever one thought away from us. What is the difference between heaven and earth at the moment? Heaven does not know war. Earth, on the other hand, well, is riddled with it. Heaven is a harmonious place where souls see the beauty in each other. Heaven is a place where your thoughts create reality. Here, there is some similarities even though only new age thinker believe that our thoughts have such power. It’s just that in heaven our thoughts create instantly. On Earth they take a little longer so people who are unaware (or asleep as I like to see them) don’t make the correlation between their thoughts and feelings and the kind of things that happen to them.

So that’s my why. Now, what is the why of my memoirs? Why am I sharing the story of my Father’s death and the year that followed? Why is it so important that this book be published? What makes it unique?

Too many books about mediumship are written by mediums. Of course, that makes sense. You know those people who now have TV shows and who can talk to the dead. They tell you that they were born that way. So this creates the sense, at least it did for me, that there are two kinds of people: the psychically gifted (who live a bit in lalaland) and the rest of us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all psychics. I prefer to use the word intuitive. It is less charged. But let’s go beyond words. I believe that babies see heaven as real as if it was on earth. Have you ever seen a baby look into nothingness and smile, even wave and sometimes babble? You look where they look and there is… nothing. There isn’t nothing. It’s just that you have become blind. It took a long time. Many years of schooling and educating by your parents who have told you repeatedly to stop your nonsense. No, the monsters don’t exist. Stop this silly nonsense. That kind of thing.

My memoirs is the documenting of my journey to communicate with my father. It started before his death because very quickly, my father couldn’t speak. I use telepathy to communicate with him when everyone was just looking at him and wondering what he wanted. Even more extraordinary, my father actually came to tell me that he didn’t have much time left whilst he was alive. This is extraordinary on two counts. Firstly, because he was a devout Catholic and deadly against any woo woo. He didn’t even know about astral traveling. He called that dreaming. But his dreams were very real. Secondly, because we lived thousands of miles away, so in effect, he travelled outside of this body whilst alive to come and hug me. Spooky? Actually, no. It was lovely. You should try some day.

I am not a medium. I have never seen dead people. I have trained a bit in the woo woo stuff but I wasn’t born that way. I didn’t have visions and guides who talked to me from a young age. I was an ordinary girl. Well, some would argue, but let’s not go into that. I studied hard at University and had a fifteen year career as an international corporate lawyer, flying the world to buy and sell companies. That sort of things. As Madonna said “The material world”. Something snapped me out of it. The birth of my children. But that’s the subject of another book.

Schooling had managed to mould the way I thought so that I ignored every nudge from my soul. Every single one. My parents, a doctor and a nurse, did the rest. Maybe it was the other way round. There was one thing, though. My parents always said I had a wild imagination. And apparently this wild imagination often embarrassed people. Clue? Was it  really imagination?

My book is separated in two part. The before my father’s death and the after my father’s death. Before he died, I was faced with the immense frustration of knowing how to help him but being born in a family of Muggles. I hope JK Rowling will excuse me using one of her words. When he was first diagnosed with his brain tumour, I was a fully trained reiki master and I would have liked to help him with my magic but he wasn’t interested. This bit is not in the book. It was six years of frustrations that were frankly boring. I know it sounds awful but I knew he was going to die. I knew he had chosen the tumour as an exit strategy and as it happened, it was a very good one. Everyone pretended he was going to be ok and I sat alone in my corner wondering when it would happen. Not a good place to be.

Then in September 2013, something shifted. He had been sent home for the summer without any treatment and both Mum and Dad thought he had finally beaten it. I paid lip service to their joy. How could I not? It had been a drag. A constant battle. When he went for his check after the summer though, the tumour had come back aggressively and he was put not the same round of chemotherapy as my aunt had, two months before she died.

The following January, he was given one month to live. As my entire family had been living in denial for all those years, it came as a bit of a shock for them. For me, it was a relief.

When Dad died on the 6th of March 2014, I didn’t see him sit on the end of my bed. He didn’t come to say ‘Hi” when I felt sad after that. And it broke my heart. So I went on a quest to talk to him. The second part of my book is about that.

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I want people to read my book so they can change the way they think. I want them to think that they too have special gifts that enable them to see heaven on earth. The problem with this of course is that most books make the spirit world so scary. But it isn’t. I am so scared of seeing dead people that I still block to this day my third eye. I blame the film industry for that. Who would want to have the living experience of Cole in the Sixth Sense. Not me.

In truth the spirit world is very gentle, subtle and uplifting. People change when they die. My Father completely changed his point of view. They remain the same. They have traits but they see the bigger picture. It makes them wiser, also every one of them is wiser in varying degrees.

So this is the why of my book. I want to show that heaven is only a thought away and that we can all communicate with our loved ones in heaven, be them human or animals. My book is not a lecture about it, it is a story. My memoirs have a beginning, a middle and an end. They are written in a manner that is as compelling as the novel that you pick up from your WHSmith or Barnes and Nobles shelf, or maybe Amazon. But had I written a novel about it, it would have lost its power. It would be the fruit of my imagination. Not a true story. And the true story bit is really important. I want you to stop looking at mediums and think they can do it and you can’t. You can do it.

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(c) Ange de Lumiere 2016


About spiritual lawyer

I am an author and a spiritual lawyer. I have written two books: the Journey of the Slim Soul (November 2009) and My Father Who Art in Heaven (a memoir coming out in March 2017). I have a small VIP female clientele of leaders who want to see the bigger picture and make it happen. I teach prosperity, intuition, and how to write.
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