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Special announcement: I am doing a seven day free writing challenge over in my new group, I can make you write, starting on the 24th of April. Find out more about the challenge here. You need to sign here to receive the emails. This challenge is for you if you are a woman with an inspirational story who wants to write a book or has been told she should write a book and would like to explore the idea and get started.

Now for my own inspirational book.

3Dbookcover.pngMy Father Who Art In Heaven is a memoir written by myself and my father who is in the afterlife. I was compelled to write my story to create a revolution in the way we see and approach death and dying. I used my magic wand to make every moment count until my Dad died and it was amazing. But the magic continued. I saw him rise into a column of golden light and he was so happy. He kept on saying this was his true birth, back to the creator. After that, I yearned to hear more from him and the adventure continued. It took me on really interesting journeys where I tried to telepathically communicate with a cat in Dubai. And did. Practiced mediumship on my friends with no expectations and was blown away.

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Hello, I am Ange de Lumiere. I am French (as you will probably have already noticed by my slightly unusual use of the English language) and I am a spiritual lawyer. What is it? It’s a corporate lawyer who saw its errors and turned spiritual. And that’s me. In 2006, I left a very successful international legal career to pursue my interests which lied mostly in making art and writing.

I… got a little side tracked and started to explore spiritual healing and reiki. I was sort of enticed into it by a lady who did a reading for me. I tell the story here in this video.

I had more babies (I now have four children aged between 22 and 6) and embraced motherhood as a spiritual path. I had no choice as my first two were autistic and needed me to be there for them at the drop of a hat. Plus their father, who lived in France, couldn’t be there for them outside of school holidays.

book-mocklupI now offer my first book The Journey of the Slim Soul for free. This book offers a holistic approach to slimming (it combines clinical hypnotherapy, emotional management, healthy eating but above all a journey into loving oneself now). If you would like to receive it, you will get it by signing up here. It is also available in print. Contact me if you are interested.

I work with a small VIP clientele of female inspirational leaders by bringing a greater sense of purpose and soul connection for them to truly thrive. If you would like to work with me, read this first.

Thank you for reading this far and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it.


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